3080 or wait for RDNA2?

Posted 5th Sep
So the nvidia lineup for the 30 series Ampere is so much better priced than I expected! Anyone else?

Originally I was going to wait for RDNA2 Radeon to release their cards... but can they really beat what Nvidia have offered?
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If you know you want the 3080, have a 750W PSU (two pci-e) and have reasonable cooling then jump in on release day as often availability goes down for a while afterwards. Until we hear from AMD the biggest competitor to Nv is Nv themselves - they could easily launch a 20GB 3080 or even 12GB if they enable more of the chip. So if youre going to wait you could end up waiting 6 months
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Pains me as an amd shareholder, but I'd go Nvidia unless you want to wait 3-6 months for their drivers to work. Maybe they'll surprise us with working drivers, hoping with the chips being used in new consoles they'll have gone under more in-depth testing.
If you always kept that idea, you would never buy anything. Soon as you buy the next one, you should have waited until the next cheaper, maybe better one or rival comes out,or wait until BF or Christmas, or New Years Sales or Prime day.
Over the last few releases amd’s Top card will compete with the mid range nvidia cards, rumour is they are lowering the price of Navi so even if it competes with the 3080 you might save £100 but be waiting 6 month. Then you have to put up with amd drivers..

on the other side it’s meant to 16gb so if they get the speed from the ssd of 7gb as the nvidia are meant to be the extra ram might make a difference, it will definitely take pressure off cpu. But to utilise that you need the right m/board and the new nvme m.2 ssd what will do the speed a Samsung 980 pro and a trident at the moment.
Despite Nv mentioning the SSD data decompression it depends on Microsoft Direct Storage appearing and that new API then being incorporated into games - so ages yet if at all.

But if youre buying a new m/b and Cpu then it makes sense to go for gen 4 for SSD and GPU. But that soon adds to the price. I'll already be getting a new PSU so I'm going to try to make do with current CPU/MB
So today’s the day, are you buying or waiting? I’m choosing to wait, but possibly as I need to save more to replace the whole rig (2nd gen Intel CPU) rather than anything to do with RDNA2.
I tried to get one. The official website went from "notify me" to out of stock. And nowhere else seems to have them available:(.
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