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An Ipod?
Well if you dont like iTunes then you can ignore all of the ipods.

There is only one alternative to the Zen which is the ipod. So your best bet is to get another Zen. Or wait a while and see what emerges. Something new from Creative should come out soon and also the Zune will hopefully finally come out over here.

This would be the ipod id recommend play.com/Ele…tml
There's no such thing as a replacment for the Zen vision:m. That thing is holy and is much better than the ipod.

would the new creative zen be the best option? It comes in 4, 8 16 and 32gb, flash memory along with a sdhc capable card slot, 2.5" screen and does divx etc they are £140 for the 16gig from amazon
32GB flash based player sounds very very nice. I'd certainly not consider anything else as an upgrade from your current player (except perhaps a HDD player with 60GB+ but the benefits of flash far outweigh the capacity benefit IMO).

How much of the 30GB did you use on your current player - all of it? Did you want more space or was it enough?

May well be an option; Creative have the 32GB for a little under £250 … May well be an option; Creative have the 32GB for a little under £250 from Feb 1st so I may wait till then.Thanks for the replies thus far.____________________________Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

can i ask where you got that info from? its just that im set on buying a zen but was waiting for the 32gig to be released to places like amazon, 250 sounds pretty damn decent considering its 32 gig of pure flash with a sdhc slot

Try] this link if it works; if not go to Creative.com, then store, then … Try] this link if it works; if not go to Creative.com, then store, then MP3 player and you should find it.__________________________Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

aaah thats dropped! I remember seeing it for £300 on there less than a week ago. the prices on there are quite inflated when compared to amazon, hopefully this will be the same case with the 32 gig and amazon will offer it for around 200
Not sure if it's any use, but Creative have just got some Vision:M refurbs back in stock ]here. You'll need to be quick though as they go pretty fast.

I've been trying to work out what mp3 player to get. The iPod Classic has the advantage of the 80GB HD, but the sound volume is limited and there seem to be reliability problems, and of course iTunes. Also, having played with one, I really didn't like the scroll wheel. The ZEN looks very tempting, but again, there seem to be reliability issues, and the 32GB version is much more expensive. So I'm going to try the Vision:M, cos whilst it's older, a refurb, and has a smaller capacity HD, it seems to be the better in terms of quality/performance.
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