30GB iPOd Case

    [SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]I’m looking for a cover for my 30GB iPOd and have read reports about some covers leaving a sticky residue on the wheel and scratches. Can anybody recommend a good cover, mot necessarily cheap as I’m willing to pay for quality? [/FONT][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]Thanks [/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]cook!e [/FONT][/SIZE]


    is it a video one?? 5th gen...

    If so I have the link to an eBay seller I think who sells metal ones for £2.20 inc P&P!! I'll send you the link if you want it.

    Original Poster

    [FONT=Times New Roman]Yes, it is a 30GB iPOd with video, please send me the link.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman]Thanks [/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman]cook!e[/FONT]

    [SIZE=2]I too recommend buying from the person ducky points out. Quality stock and cheap price ! Thanks ducky ;-) [/SIZE]

    Can you send me the link too please?

    Did you buy anything off him in the end edi?? Did he have a case for yours or did you get a new iPod??

    No ducky, I did not buy from him as he didnt have any suitable case for Photo iPOD. I was pleased bec he replied immediately and didnt mislead me.

    If anyone still spot a descent case for 30gb Photo Ipod, please post it here.

    Please can I have the link as well

    The ebay seller name is VIPMS

    Where: ]

    Thanks should go to ducky !
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