30ish Stripy T Shirts for Fancy Dress- Wholesale?

    Hi there, I'm on the lookout for about 30 black and white striped T shirts / vests for fancy dress for a hen night (inmates!) I'm wondering where the cheapest place we could get these. Will have a look at Primark and Matalan when I have the chance but I wondered if anyone knew of places I could try online, perhaps a clothes wholesaler or something, although I don't know if they would sell to the public. Want to keep costs as low as poss, under a fiver would be good, the lower the better. Quality doesn't need to be brilliant. Thanks if anyone has a suggestion.


    Try the wholesale and joblots section of Evilbay. Search in a few different ways,tshirts,striped, & white etc. as not every search brings up what you need,also tick the wee box under the search :thumbsup:

    check item number - 310081596492. You could cut the crotch off them, 180286887723 - 170260401611

    My Primark has black and white stripey vests for £1.50 and tshits too for the same or £2 for long sleeve ones.:)

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    Thanks very much for the useful info. I think I will get down to Primark, if I can find them, they sound perfect at that price!
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