30th Birthday pressie suggestions... quirky ideas...

Hi all..

It's my other halfs 30th next month and i'm trying to find quirky unusual gifts to buy him as pressies. We have 2 young children, so it'll be a family day, but i'm trying to think of 30 different presents to get him, obviously not all expensive ones..

Anyone got any quirky or thoughtful suggestions?

He's probably getting a ps3 from his family, so my main pressie to him will more than likey be a smallish tv for the kitchen so he has something to play the ps3 on that wont take up the family tv!


maybe you could do a treasure hunt for his 30 pressies with the kids? hide them around house/garden with clues.

Pressie ideas?
play have quite a few little gifts, how about a mug? tshirt? belt? dvd?

ebay have personalised plaques, poems etc

is he into comics or anything like that? maybe you could buy him one from the month and year of his birth?

i did this for my partner in may this year but did 30 things begining with J (as his names jay)

some things i had as fun things like jaguar remote control car and some were more useful like jeans jacket jumper

Why not get him to feed an animal or something at a local zoo then its also a day out for the kids too!

Could ask him what he wants other than buying any old tat that will end up in a cupboard a day later.
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