32" 1080p LCD/LED TV

Found 24th Sep 2010
Looking for a good deal on a 32" LCD TV

Should have the following:

1920x1080 Resolution
Wall Mountable

My budget is around £400.

Hope someone can help me find a good TV with those features.

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Have you tried electronic world? You have to pick them up but there are some great deals.

thats pretty nice looking mate its LED aswell (not sure if full or edgelit) id use that website as a good comparison to start looking though theres lots of stuff out there though

what do you want 100hz for btw? its detremental to gaming and not great for blurays... its a massively overated feature imo... have a flick round that site but that will look real nice and deliver

EDIT: gruddamit ive just seen you want freeview HD.. this changes things a bit, you will really strugle around that kind of price...
EDIT: ah god i think the c4000 is only HD ready, sorry not really met ur criteria there at all (its still a good tv though), the c5100 is 399 and full HD, non LED the samsung C530 is only £312 from amazon....

Thanks for the help guys.

joeprosho - I'm liking the one you recommended (Samsung C5100)

I was thinking of getting an LED backlit one, but didn't think it would fit my budget.
I think I'll be able to stretch to £400 for an LED.
It doesn't have 100hz or freeview HD, but at only 3cm thick, I think I can live with that.
ye there a lot nicer bits of kit i recon, 100hz really isnt worth while especially as around your budget it will all be the cheaper processing systems in the TV so there never gonna handle altering the recieved picture that well, i could only find one freeview HD set at around 400 it was a sony i think but not LED

EDIT: btw yo uwouldnt be looking at anything bigger would you?
LCD, this years model, 358 from amazon apparently and this has freeview HD, with 4 connections


this LCD one is 350-370 also gets good reviews only has 2HDMI ports but you could buy splitters, has 100hz ifyou really cared..


lastly if you simply want a budget option that will do a perfectly good job, the ld32ld450 would be perfectly fine could probs pick it up around 260ish
Thanks for finding me a few more options.
The LE32C580 is pretty nice, but I think I'm sold on the C5100 LED you recommended earlier.

I don't know if I can have a larger TV in my room. It's for my bedroom.
Will be used for movies & gaming (PS3 & X360).
Also, I will be sitting 6ft from the screen.

Don't know if a 37" would be too big...

Edit: I'm quite interested in this one: Link

I'm also looking for a cheap 32" I'm not fussed about it being 100hz because it won't make difference on entry level sets this cheap and small. I also maybe wouldn't mind 720p because would there even be that much difference on a 32?

I do need pc/vga input though.

Any help would be great.
@ sklskl

What will you be using your TV for?
If you need PC inputs, I guess you'll be using it as a monitor. If so, then you want to get the highest resolution possible.
On a TV, at the moment, that would be 1920x1080.
that 37" looks real nice and is from samsungs latest series though the trade off is the LED, (you can get the 37" C550 for £390 from ebuyer) i find you'll love your set for a while but everyone kind of gets a TV envy where they want the next bigger, so i suppose a lot of people will never be fully satisfied, if 32" is enough for ya id go the LED route especially if freeview HD aint essential, was reading in the paper the other day sum freeview box is going to be made retailing around £200 which has HD and full internet capability extra channels and effictively + with pausing and rewinding etc, sky and virgin are trying o make it illegal to be brought out as it undermines loads of what there selling but hey thats a little distracted fro mthe point.. LED is just nicer, go with that and you will allways have a use for it sumwhere!

@ sklskl
i dont really know anything about using them as monitors.. entry level sets the LG32ld450 really is not bad and on offer at £260.. my dad got the LH3000 a few months back and these budget 32" sets are all really good, the LD series have VGA so would be fine to use as a monitor though i dont have any experience down this line, most of them do i think so just google it if ur not sure but you'll struggle to get a 32" for cheaper new than that, its latest series, 1080p and branded aswell, seems silly not to!

just checked ebuyer and richer sounds even clearance and they all start at 250..

Thanks again for your help.
I've decided to get the Samsung UE32C5100 - £399.
Just waiting for Amazon to get them back in stock.
Hopefully I can pop into a Currys/Comet/John Lewis & actually see it or something similar before ordering.

Edit: The £50 cashback offer has also swayed me towards the LED.
I just hope the horror stories of uneven backlight & clouding don't affect my set.
cheers joe, not going to be using it much as a monitor, only to connect the netbook etc to play games n stuff, the lg looks decent, it will either be that or the led samsung at 315, just need to mull over it. Remember that sharp tv deal that was on bestbuys that was 200 whats the main difference between that and the lg?

ask the people in store if you go to view the set what input the image your viewing is on, they will often be component and scart which is pretty damn trashy, youll often see awful pictures, much worse than a big fat CRT, if they have a HD input there get them to rig it up

tbh i dont know about backlight bleeding or clouding on LED's as there relatively new and i havnt read up as much on them, you get it on most LCD's, i had a sony 37" panel not soo long back and decided the backlight bleeding was too bad and returned it, it was an issue particular notorious with sony panels this size i found out afterwards, id say always deal with a reputable company as if the is an issue its a much easier return. To try view such issues look at a blank screen when you recieve the set, ive read accounts of people actually loosening the bezel of there set as it was the pressure from its fitting creating the issue though i wouldnt advise fiddling, watch a dark dvd briefly with lights out and if you cant notice it you will be sweet though these issues can vary as the sets warm up, though this is LCD and LED should be cooler so i dont really know too much... on the flip side if you dont look out for it specifcally u wont find it


sharp tv would be perfectly fine if your near best buy id go snap one up especially if moneys a little tight, id basically say sharp were middle of the road, inbetween the better known brands and the waste of money sets like hitachi and bush etc.. i personally wouldnt go near those as you really notice the difference from closer proximitys but the sharp ones are generally well reviewed and ive seen them hooked up and couldnt complain especially for the price,

whats the £315 samsung LED your on about? have i missed that..

EDIT: the other thing is dixons fairly regularly have 5-10% codes and stuff worth keeping an eye out for as there prices are generally ok anyway

Samsung UE32C400 my bad its 350. I want something bang for buck for 300 markish

The Samsung UE32C5100 LED TV I was going to order is no longer available from Amazon (only marketplace sellers for over £40 more).

The hunt continues.
im thinking the ld450 would be best, 270, cant go wrong, has vga, 1080p, quality cant be that bad

reevoo.com/p/l…450 theres your 32" ld450 great reviews really considering the price, i wouldnt worry about audio to much as none of these thin TV's are well recieved on that front and it would be fine just watching tv, can always get a sound system hooked up if you care that much, id go have a look at one in a shop if you like the look of it dive in


ye thats a little annoying, dixons is now cheapest at £443 keep an eye for a 10% code at anypoint and if you use quidco or anything the combination would take it sub 400, i think i could few offers usually spark up around the christmas period though its a little way off but if here no rush might be worht trying to snaffle sumthing round then

if you want one sooner this is basically the same spec as the samsung reevoo.com/p/l…300 and is only £396, really well reviewed aswell full LED, 1080p, has 100hz option the samsung didnt and smae amount of connections, looks nice, the only downside here is the company i have no idea how 123 electrical are to deal with

EDIT: just had a quick check and they seem in the majority a well reviewed company, obviously there are the few peopl who have had some issues but you'd usually get a lot more from bad retailers
btw this is a good deal at the moment aswell, especially with freeview HD


and if you read around post 6 a guy got john lewis to price match his local PRC at 350 which is great as you get a free 5 year warranty with john lewis..
@ joeprosho

Yes - I was looking at that LG LED earlier, it looks v.nice & has 100hz.
I also like that LED TV's use a lot less power compared to LCD & Plasma. That tends to sway me back from looking at LCD's.

I'm probably gonna have to reluctantly hold off purchase as I would rather buy from Amazon.
I'm not really keen on Bravia's I've noticed that they're incredibly fat compared to other sets... even their LED TV's are 2wice the width of the samsung.
But some of the features on the Bravia's are so awesome; ie. iPlayer.

I think I should just flip a coin & decide
i think flipping a coins about right lol! at the end of the day i think you struggle to make a wrong choice as all HD tv's now day do a pretty great job
I ordered this one: Samsung C5800 LED

The price dropped by £50 overnight (was £520) & has £50 cashback.

3cm thick, freeview HD, 1080p, 4xHDMI.
Ticks pretty much all the boxes
haha i saw that set but though it might have been a little pricey, didnt know about the £50 cashback though does that effictively take it down to £420?? let me know how you get on with anyway im sure itll be a beauty meant to be a real looker, does it have freeview HD? some say it does some dont

the Sony is the nicest one imo but then you are paying the extra for it,

that samsung doesnt have freeview HD, its a HD ready set with freeview built in so you only get 720p with that set, and i think the toshiba is a bit of an older set, id go sony, samsung, toshiba, but then if your requirements arent that great the samsung will do a perfectly fine job...

id get urself out there to a store as the sets look a lot different in the flesh and that might well help you choose which brand to go down..
TV was delivered yesterday

It looks absolutely stunning & the HD picture quality is amazing.
The set has been manufactured in Slovakia so has better black levels compared to the ones manufactured in China.

I'm very pleased with it. A few niggles, but nothing major.

It does have Freeview HD - I can watch BBC 1 HD, ITV HD & CH4 HD through my old loft aerial - the quality isn't brilliant compared to Sky HD, but that's probably due to my rubbish aerial (gonna have to get a new one).

Yes, with the cashback, the TV should work out £420. I just gotta send off the form asap.

I think I'll write up a review on Amazon in a few days once I've gotten used to the TV

Btw: the price has gone up again (by £30).
good work getting it before the price shift! enjoy it man
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