32" 1080p TV choice and advice.

    I have spent a couple of hours looking into a new 32" TV. Now for me It's important to have FULL HD i.e. 1080p as I play alot of 360 and BluRay.
    To help anyone looking I thought I would post what I have found, hope it helps you.
    Below is a list (by no means complete) of the 1080p 32" TV's I have looked at and the Rough best price just going through google shopping. I am not including the £350 LG posted on here as in my opinion it's had to many reviews that say the picture is not as good as it could be, and it's on clearout at a few stores which would back up the poor reviews.

    Sony KDL32D3000 £600
    Samsung LE32A656 £560
    SAMSUNG LE32A559P4FXXU £470
    Panasonic TX32LZD80 £490
    Panasonic TX32LZD85 £460
    Toshiba 32XV555DB £399
    Sony KDL32W4000U £590
    Samsung-LE32A656A1F £555
    Samsung LE32A558P3F £500
    Sony 32v400

    As far as reviews go the Sony KDL32D3000 @ £600ish seems to be the best, but way over my budget.
    Review here.…php
    I am leaning towards the Toshiba 32XV555D, though it's not 100hz it gets decent reviews at a reasonable price.

    If anyone has any better options please add to the list.


    my budget is £10 as im skint

    In my opinion, it would be very hard for anyone to discern the difference between 1080p and 720p on a 32" screen at even the closest recommended viewing distance (about 3.6 feet).

    You can buy a Sony KDL40V4000 (40" screen, 1080p) for about £500 at many places. This would be a much better buy in my opinion.

    no point in having 1080p if you are buying a 32" tv, cant tell the difference. only when you go higher than 42" 1080p is a must

    sony 32d3000 is not 1080p but it accepts 1080p signal and its SUPERB at accepting SD material.

    Could I ask where you have seen a Panasonic TX32LZD85 for £460?? Seems like a steal at that price, cheapest I can find is £599.99…236

    This place has it for £460. Out of stock!!!! Like most tvs on sale promos at mo.

    The advantage of this set is the 100Hz refresh.

    TX32LZD80 would be nice if anywhere had it in stock at £400 with 5 year warranty.

    Is the 32XV555D def not 100hz as some websites say it is?

    So you say there is no point buying full a full HD 32" TV, so which TV (preferably Sony) would you buy if a 32" was the largest size you wanted to buy bearing in mind i don't just want the cheapest i want the best.
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