32" HD Ready LCD TV - Limit £250. Anyone got any suggestions?


32 inch Ultra Thin LCD

I'm planning on getting this TV purely for Gaming with my Playstation 3 and was planning on getting it after Xmas when hopefully the January Sale will start maybe getting it cheaper than £249.99 But i'm not bothered paying this price as it looks like a pretty good LCD TV, I know about all the downsides of it having only 1 HDMI Port and no Scart Connections or TV Tuner but as mentioned before it's only going to be used for Gaming and hooking up my PC to it via VGA. I love how Slim it is aswell and was wondering if anyone actually has this Set and could take some more Live Pictures for me?

Also was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for other 32" LCD TV's for a max of £250 no more as i'm pushing it at this!, Any feedback would be great


look in morrisons, its got 32" tv for £249

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look in morrisons, its got 32" tv for £249

Kwl, got a Link by any chance what set it is because i'm not too keen on getting something i've never hearrd off makewise....

What about a 27" full hd for £270

This Alba (i know... ) has had some good reviews -

Up your budget by £50 or so and get a decent branded 32".

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thanks for tips has anyone got any good link suggestions? Or know if theres going to be any good Boxing Day Sales as i'm debating about weither to buy the Hitachi set on Monday as i'm placed an order for one,....
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