32" HDLCD TV to be used as PC monitor

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Found 26th Oct 2006

aswell as the 19/20" widescreen monitor i also was a 32" or near that HD LCD TV which can be used as a PC monitor.

What you guys recommend?



I'd recommend the Samsung 32" HD LCD TV. It's easy to use and has more connections than you can shake a stick at. I got mine from Freemans via a hotukdeals discount for £725 when everywhere else still wanted £1000. :friends:


Snap, those TV's are so nice. My friend uses his as a second monitor so its definitely possible.

Yep I use my Freemans 32" HDTV LCD as a tertiary monitor when not watching tv on it good for showing people stuff obut 95% nontv-use is for videos/dvds :thumbsup:

PS: Only regret with that Samsung is the single hdmi, dvd players, cable/satellite, gfx cards all coming with hdmi outputs now, try and get one with at least 2 hdmi inputs.

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Think were going to go for that, what do you think? It only has 1 HDMI connection but thats fine as the only think which will be plugged in to it at the moment is an xbox 360 as we have got sky HD on a 40" LCD downstairs

What you think?

What about this one?


It's listed at £599.95, but I have a voucher for £50 off. It has twin HDMI inputs and a PC input. Looks a great price and I'm thinking of getting it for my dad, but would appreciate any comments - good or bad!

Actually two HDMI connectors according to the e-mail, but just one in the description so I'm not sure what is correct.
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