32" HDTV????? Advice?

Found 10th Sep 2008
Hello All,

I'm looking to get an HDTV.... 32"... top price £450.....

I will use it mainly for V+ and XBOX 360 (Original).... so i'm looking for a tv that will get the best out of those formats....

All the TV's i look for support 720p..... but what is the difference between that and 1080i and do the below tv's support 1080i?

Cheers (If anyone knows of any better tv's for the price please let me know)


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720 and 1080 is the vertical resolution, i is interlaced and p is progressive, most screens convert the interlaced signal to progressive anyway, but for best quality it's best to have a progressive source, at 32" you're not really going to see a great deal of difference between 720 and 1080 resolution, but some manufacturer's have started making full 1080p capable 32" sets see here: rgbdirect.co.uk/Pro…XXU

also have a look at richersounds if you have a store nearby you can get this w 5yr guarantee for £406.90 richersounds.com/sho…457

I'd also recommend this one, you can get a half price stand and quidco of 4% too: play.com/Ele…tml
To get an idea of the difference and which you should go for have a look at this:
Just work out which would be best, dependant on the screen size and viewing distance from the screen.
You should be able to get quite a nice 32" for £450, good luck.
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