32 inch TV - advice on this one

Found 4th Apr 2009

going to buy this for the inlaws, sky TV hooked up via a scart

any one see any problems?
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sky tv via scart! on an lcd hdtv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no no no no no no no no no no...........get a sky+HD via hdmi or dont bother with an lcd tv as its gunna look worse than a crt caus of the resolution! HDTV does not mean SD signal is now magically HD!
while u are right darkjedi with the sd dont turn to hd,i have a 1080p lg tv 37" 5010 and it plays SD cable perfect and looks better than it did on my crt as the colours are better.
so dont mislead people.

but i would go with something a little better like a lg 32 inch or something.

i cant rememeber site but it lets u pay in 3 monthly instalments and there are a few good setso n there,
will try find the site.,

link found cdiscount.co.uk/Sou…tml

the toshiba one defo worht the extra just as the samsung and lg ones are,well worth the money
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