32" LCD HD TV under £300

    I am looking for as the title describes, I have found 2 both very similar and the same make even from ebuyer for under £300.…916…824

    I like the second more because of the looks but think the first is slightly better (due to the higher contrast ratio) but don't know if it would make that much difference.
    I would like to know which one of the two is better or if anyone knows one for around the same price which is better.

    Thanks for any help


    Neither are a fantastic brand but both are far superior to ones that you get in places like Tesco, I think some Vistrons have Samsung panels some have terrible ones but im nopt sure if im getting mixed up with a different make

    Depends on what you use it for,

    Original Poster

    The first one says it has a samsung panel..

    I'm really just after something cheap for at my new room at uni for playing 360 and watching tv, it was either that or buying a 24" monitor and some cheap speakers (possibly 5.1s) for around the same price as they offer much higher resolutions.
    Maybe this…011


    Have a look at this sanyo



    I have a philips to look at for £315 if thats no good, and a nice LG for £349 if you can stretch that far on budget.

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    Yeh the philips might be worth looking at, and if the LG is good I might be able to stretch my budget

    I would recommend this:


    Smack on your budget, and hannspree are knowto be a good make.

    Alternatively there are a few within budget here:


    and if your willing to entertain smaller screens, i have this one and think its very good, 27"

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