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    Just switched on tv this evening and i have noticed i have green fuzz where the screen shows white or yellow. Does the same on both Satalite chanels and when i put the ps3 on.

    Any one know of a cure for this.

    All the best


    yeh, always get a sony

    what cables are you usin?

    no idea, but you will probably get good advice on

    easy cure for this, give me 5 mins i will tell you...............................

    Yeah, just as i thought, after doing some research I found that monkeybrains is right, Always get a sony.

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    Scart on sat, HDMI on ps3 was working fine upto this evening.


    Scart on sat, HDMI on ps3 was working fine upto this evening.

    borrow some cables of your mate or sumthing and see if there a fualt with the cable- it does happen

    if its not the cables then no idea

    Have you put anything magnetic near to the tv, Sometimes that can cause that cant it?

    Sounds to me like the scart has pulled half way out at one end. Reseat the scart cable at both ends. If that doesn't help then replace the scart cable, If that doesn't fix it then it's may be an electronic failure in either the TV or the sat box.

    Another thing to check is that the TV input settings match what is connected to the scart input. You probably have a choice of RGB, S-Video and composite settings in the menu system on both the TV and sat box. Check that they match in case some little darling has been playing with them. Surprising how often this happens in my house.

    Since it has HDMI then there is a high probability it isn't a CRT TV. Magnetic fields don't affect LCD or plasma televisions.

    Buy a Sony if you want. You'll be paying a premium and getting nothing for it (just my opinion!)

    Some kind of static probably. Untangle all your cables. Switch off for a few minutes. connect one cable at a time and test. good luck.

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    Well i unplugged the Tv last night , came down this morning plugged and switched back on no green fuzz, very strange as i unplugged everything and inserted everything last night and it was still there, but with the tv being switched of for a few hours and its back to normal, so fingers crossed it stays like that.

    Thanks for your help anyway.
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