32" LCD tv...

    good evening...

    im sure this has probably been asked many a time, but i cant get the search function to tell me its secrets.

    Im after a decent 32" LCD TV.. nothing too fancy, just something that works ok.
    Any suggestions most welcome



    Try the argos sale. Plently of nice 32" tellys at a nice price

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    yes! i had a mooch, wasnt sure..


    Bit of advice on buying tv's from Argos. Look at the descriptiion in the book and online, it may say words to the effect of this "this item may be substituted for something of equal...". I tried to buy a cheap Bush 32" last year and had to take it back twice because each time I got a totally different set to what was advertised. I was specifically after a silver set and even though the box of the third set said silver, it was actually black. So please check the online listing before going to the store.

    Ive been looking at this one…288
    Looks a good deal to me, hope this helps


    Ive been looking at this one a … Ive been looking at this one a good deal to me, hope this helps

    Just realised your after a 32 :oops:

    Bought one of these for my mother last week. Basic set with a decent picture.…LCD

    Ordered Wednesday free delivery - delivered Thursday. Good service! And their after sales are good as well.


    Try [url][/url] you can filter the list from several sources to include the features you are looking for. Type 'lcd tv' to get you started.

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    thanks for the help! i'll continue the research..
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