32" LCD TV


    Looking to buy 32" LCD TV with 1080p can anyone suggest any deals they have seen.

    Many Thanks.


    Its hard to get a 32" 1080P TV, this is because 1080P on a 32" TV is a bit pointless TBH, you dont notice 1080P over 720P & 1080i on a TV that small you really need a 37" at least to notice any difference but a 42" to really notice it.

    No name brand, £299 with Quidco and Free Delivery:…id=

    I had an email today from sharp affinity programme, £299, 25,000:1 contrast ratio, but only 1080i. You are probably going to get contradictory information, but you shouldn't need 1080p on 32" sets.…ity

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    Sorry not been clear but the TV is for bedroom and would not mind paying little extra to get the branded one ... like the LG 32LG3000. so would be wanting one with good spec. Thanks
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