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Found 5th Sep 2007

I got a budget of about £400, however i would rather spend less then more, im looking for a decentish branded 32" LCD, i was wondering if anyone had any offers or reviews on tv's that will fit into this price range?

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If the 10% code is still working at Empire Direct you can get the Toshiba 32" 32c3030d for about £420 delivered. Good telly and you get about £8 quidco...empiredirect.co.uk/con…htm

There's a Sharp from Tesco Direct for £399 but don't know if its any good direct.tesco.com/q/R…spx

I have seen a sony bravia hd lcd tv for £399 on woolworths website, only that are out of stock at the moment, but if you are no hurry to get a tv it is worth checking their webiste daily for stock.


Hey, Thanks Gari ill look into then 2 suggested!, yea i saw the bravia but found out it was the budget sony and had some problems with fast motion so i decided to wait and see if something better comes allong, thanks for the suggestion though, any other suggestions will be greatly apreciated!

P.s thanks for the speedy response
why cant you post a link to a ebay seller on here, i'm new to all this on here
Ebay links are not allowed......so they may be automatically stripped when posted.

Some reviews for the Toshiba
Toshiba 32C3030D Review (HDTVtest)

Toshiba 32C3030D Review (HDTV Org)

Toshiba 32C3030D Review (DVD Times)

I've bought the 37" version of this - picking in up tomorrow hopefully..

I should point out that most of the feedback on the avforums is positive and many of the reviews tend to compare the TV to top of the range ones. There is also a review in the current issue of What Hi Fi
Bought a camcorder on ebay from Clearance bargains - think its all ex-Argos stock....
gari, you are right all ex-argos stock at a very good price too, i have bought a good few things from clearancebargains and they have all been brand new and unopened in it's original box.
There is one at Aldi's for £372
Dont know if you think its worth the hassle but I work in Currys.digital and a couple of stores still have the Samsung le32r73bd @ 298.00

Nearly bought the one we had in our store for £250 (as it had been on display, wall mounted for a number of months) but a customer wanted it and customers come first

Noticed a couple of stores (including Currys superstores) had them in the north west

Nice TV, I've got the 40" version
Richer Sounds?
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