32" lg tv Search Problem

Found 25th Nov 2008
Hilarious problem. Try typing the above into the serach bar and there are no posts. I think that the serach function only works if you are searching for more than 3 letters in a word.

Very annoying as I am trying to find a deal for a 32" lg tv for a friend.

Any ideas how to get the search bar to work better or where a deal like this could be found?
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try lcd tv
I've done that but it still won't take the words LG or 32" which is the specific of what I need!

I guess I'll have to go and do all the searching myself...

found this one, otherwise you could go on the LG UKs website, find model number, then stick it in pricerunner, give you best prices
try this site [url]www.top-tv.co.uk[/url]
it links to retailers with the best price, I found several 32"lg tv's on here:thumbsup:
thank you all, very happy mate now knowing all his options!
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