Posted 9th Dec 2022 (Posted 11 h, 28 m ago)
Planning to buy one of the TVs but not sure which one to go for as they're both similar price. any ideas and which one is better.
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    Defo the 32” LG…;)
    I have a sharp, it's quite old now but even when new it was slow and laggy and generally rubbish. I'd say stick to the LG's, or Hisense make great TVs (dad has one)
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    32" Phillips Ambilight I'd go for instead
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    I've had both Toshiba & Sharp TV's, I wouldn't buy another Sharp again.
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    Toshiba is going to be better than Sharp. Toshiba is made by Vestel who are decent for cheap TVs and even make them for big brands like Panasonic. Sharp is made by UMC who are trash imo.
    UMC got re-acquired by 'Sharp' (now owned by Foxconn) a couple of years ago so recent models may show signs of change.

    Although 32" TVs often don't get replaced that often.
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    You haven't said if it's used for anything specific or just a TV. If just a TV then get the cheapest one you can find.
    Just need it for watching normal TV, sports and movies etc
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    Hisense are decent for the money i'm told
    Hisense are very hit and miss. Their quality control is a bit lacking so you’re very much playing the LCD panel lottery. Some will look stunning while others will be terrible. TCL are slightly better in this regard.

    The Toshiba (Vestel) are overall not quite as good in terms of overall quality and value for money BUT they’re way more consistent. They generally all come out with less minor defects so that’s why I tend to recommend them more. It’s something you can be confident that you can unpack, plug in, watch and enjoy straight away without worrying.
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    The only issue i have with Hisense is the viewing angle.
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    Honestly, neither. Both are poor.
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