32" TV - Less than £300 - to be used with Sky/Wii/DVD

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Found 29th Nov 2010
Hi - looking to buy a 32" tv - for £300 or under. Will be used with Sky+ box and DVD player - we have limited freeview in our area. Buying the kids a Wii for xmas - so I'm assuming I'll need 2 scart connectors and whatever the Wii is - also a headphone socket is needed. I'm not too bothered about specs but hubby likes the football and a fairly good sound (some of the tv's I've seen recommended have poor sound reviews).
Been looking at lots of the deals on Samsung/Sony or Toshiba but really haven't got a clue what to buy and I'm getting bogged down by all the spec's and what they mean.
Can anyone help...........
Many thanks,


Asda were selling a 32" (sorry can't remember the make) for £277 yesterday.

I have one if you're interested. Immaculate condition



The Samsung LE32C530 is a bargain in just about anyone’s eyes. It can be h … The Samsung LE32C530 is a bargain in just about anyone’s eyes. It can be had from many online stores – including Multizone AV who has kindly supplied our review sample – for approximately £320, and in-depth testing has revealed that there’s more to be had for the money than we initially hoped for. We can’t think of any comparable displays at this end of the market and highly recommend this display to users who are happy to tolerate the viewing angle and motion limitations of LCD TVs. While it is not the equal of every other HDTV that we’ve rated “Highly Recommended”, the Samsung LE32C530 offers outstanding value for money that earns it a spot in this category.

£269 in store seeing as you don't require fullHD. Has all the inputs required too.


Bravia make good TV's

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Many thanks for the replies.
Tinkers - thanks for the info - had a quick look on Asda site - can't see one for £277 - but they have a Sanyo £285 or an LG £287 neither mention Headphone socket but one of the reviews for the Sanyo mentions a mini headphone jack? - not sure what that means.
Wakasraja - thanks looks a lovely tv but rather buy new with guarantee.
Conqueror - do you have this set? - the details say no to headphone - but one of the reviews mentions a headphone socket at the rear? - wondered if you knew if this was cert.
Joe - that's a great price and looks good too - just gutted it's only online as the closest branch is about an hours drive away.
Again many thanks,

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Hi again - had a good look through the reviews for the Samsung and really like the look of this - although would love it if anyone who's got this tv could confirm whether it def has a headphone socket. Also this is probably an absolutely stupid question but I can see it has one scart socket - and I need one for sky - the dvd player is also scart although not sure about the wii connections as i've not got that yet. Also I can see it's full HD - would anyone recommend getting a blu-ray player? - and is this a scart connection or HDMI?
Many thanks once again, all your comments much appreciated.


Yeah I bought it off Amazon.. been really happy for the money

Spec does say no headphones though


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Conqueror - I saw the details say no headphone - but second page review from Teejay - says headphone socket at rear - do you have one on your set?
Many thanks again,
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Blu Ray player will almost certainly be HDMI

No just looked I can't see a headphone socket... both Samsung and Amazon say there isn't one...

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Conqueror - thanks for that - gutted as it looks absolutely perfect - after the review mentioning it i was kinda hoping there was one.

Have a look on Ebay i purchased a LG TV for
under 230.00 not long ago!
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