32" TV or larger , help please

    i have a 32" dynamic frame scan, wide screen ... blah dee blah blah blah ...... hitachi tv, tha tube has been failing for 6 months now (red lines on screen) we have been using a fix to get viewing so far but shops say it is going to die very soon :cry: , looking for a cheap replacement to do with for the next coupl of years, so a similar sort of thing for under £300 would be great.

    this is not something we have budgeted for so £300 is the top limit (can only feed kids with bread and water for 4 week - so child welfare says :wink: )
    thanks for any help with this,
    xx fizzie xx


    Hi Fizziebabes..

    If you check out empiredirect they have some good deals. If you have a store near you they'll match the internet price so you don't need to pay for delivery. ( delivery is £15 and I think the collection points are in Manchester and Bradford if either are close to you) This link is 3 32" tv's that I put onto a compare for you..…2b=

    Hope that helps

    Original Poster

    ta babes, i live in scotland near edinburgh. I'll let hubby have a look at these coz he's the one wanting the new telly,
    xx thanks Helen xx

    You're welcome.. forgot to say you can also use quidco with empiredirect to get 2% back.
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