32'' TV wanted, mainly for gaming & occational freeview-ing

Anyone got any recommendation regarding my desire for a 32'' tv I'd like to get for mainly xbox 360 gaming?

The tv will travel around with me as I work in different locations around the country and at the mo I can't guarantee I'll have a tv in my room thus want to buy one I can bung in the car with my suitcase & xbox so I have some entertainment.


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It says "Resolution: 1366 x 768", is that full HD like what the xbox games are or would I lose some game resolution?

It's HD Ready, not quite full HD, but on a 32" screen, you won't notice a diff.unless you very close up to it, 1920x1080 isn't needed on a tv of that size!

I've used that tv for a year, xbox games on it look awsome believe me, check the reviews out!

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thanks for the advice rich, very tempted now :-)


read this thread first and u will get it cheaper - plus the 5 year warranty

I did !!!

It's a great tv, you won't be dissapointed, got mine up on the wall! hope that's helped a little!

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