32" TV with "freeview" and not "freeview hd"?

    I am using the aerial only. No Box.

    Should I definitely get a "freeview hd" tv? Or will normal freeview still be good quality?

    Freeview hd perhaps only worth it for large screens?


    You will notice the difference with HD.

    Can you get TV's that aren't HD these days?

    Is it worth it? While the difference is noticeable, unless you are used to it, or enjoy a lot of movies, don't bother if there is a significant cost difference.

    normal "freeview" is good enough but if you can get the freeview hd, go for it. I have the 32 Blaupunkt with
    normal freeview. They had a similar price with freeview hd but instead of 3 HDMI ports, they had 1 with freeview HD.
    So I opted for normal freeview but its connected to my desktop computer so I can stream BBC iplayer and ITV player.

    I would definitely get free view HD, or if you must, add a free view HD box to the tv. The quality is noticeably better and worth the extra.

    Freeview HD wasn't anything to do with HD channels directly, it's the brand for the newer DVB-T2 standard compared with the DVB-T that Freeview launched with.

    While DVB-T2 was initially only used for the HD channels some of the non-HD channels have also started using it and it would be surprising if more didn't eventually follow. I believe some of the Olympics coverage is also only being broadcast in DVB-T2 format.

    I'm not sure if Freeview have changed their branding in more recent years but if not I would definitely go with Freeview HD if you don't want any external box.

    There are the odd couple of SD channels as well that are only available on "HD", also Freeview HD usually implies streamed IPTV channel capability, even if not a "Smart"
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