3.28TB of total available space 1.4TB used excluding backups

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Found 19th Jun 2009
What are your stats?

"Quoted figures do not represent actual space available as some space is used for system self drive maintenance"


My Life so far.... 2.6TB total space lol and about 400GB Left.... and a Zillion DVD's lol


i've got 3.75TB total space and 850GB left of space! yikes!

About 10TB and 1.5TB left. Not sure about the other computers though......

On my windows partition:
Used: 17.18GB
Free: 7.50GB

lol only OS and Steam with CS:S and TF2 on there.

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A lot used up not sure how much but:160gb sata internal200gb ide … A lot used up not sure how much but:160gb sata internal200gb ide internal250gb ide external250gb sata internal250gb sata internal750gb sata internal1000gb (1tb) sata externalSo:2860GB, so 2.86tb.

Go into Windows Explorer, on the left click Computer then it will tell you what is being used where...add it up :thumbsup: (vista)

FreeNAS server has 5TB, 4TB used. Then five PC's average about another 100GB used in each, oh and majority used in all the following: 20GB in the 360, 60GB in the PS3, 120GB in the Xbox, 80GB in the PS2, 16GB in the Ipod, 8GB in the Phone and 30GB+ of memory cards for PSP, NDS and camera.

Honestly don't think you can ever have enough storage though.

1x internal 1TB drive
2x internal 500gb drives
4x internal 320gb drives
1x internal 360gb drive
3x internal 120gb drives
2x 160gb drives in my laptop
2x external 1TB drives
1x 80GB laptop HDD

6.4TB in total. Christ knows how much of it is used.

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What you lot got in your Sky+ boxes?

4790gb in various desktops - 1tb(ish) free
2x250gb 2.5" external drives - 0 free
320gb main laptop - 60gb free
320gb PS3 - 60gb free
250gb 2nd laptop - 20gb free
200gb xbox - 10mb free
160gb netbook - 60gb free

Total: 6.54TB - 1.2TB Free

I have: -

1.5gb in my main pc
5gb in my drobo
640x2 (raid) in my NAS.


I have: -1.5gb in my main pc5gb in my drobo640x2 (raid) in my NAS.

I think you mean TB, unless we just went back in time 10yrs :thumbsup:
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