32bit or 64bit vista which one is better

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Found 11th Feb 2008
I need to know if there is a better one of these two. have previously been using 32bit on mpc/laptop. i am building a gaming pc and i wanted your opinion on which of the 2 to put on the pc.


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IF you are building a game PC I would check on the mother board website to see if it supports 64bit, I know Intel c2 chips support 64 bit architecture but don't know about AMD.

If if both support 64bit then you will make better use of the set up 64bit. It also depends on what other programs you put on your puter most programs are still written for 32bit. More RAM will better the 64bit when used with 32bit.

Hope this makes sense to you

I would also advise that you upgrade to XP - Vista is still 'bug' riddled

Any 64-bit CPU will support a 64-bit OS. So any 64-bit AMD/Intel CPU will be fine. For a gaming PC, Intel C2D/quad-core is the way to go (the socket-775 motherboard will be OK with a 64-bit OS). Why quadcore may be a better choice ]here (if you can afford it & even if not overclocking) - this taken from the last page:

Even though the dual-core model is able to reach higher clock speeds, the … Even though the dual-core model is able to reach higher clock speeds, the quad-core wins in the final analysis thanks to multi-threaded software. If you have the extra $88 to spare for the Q6600, we recommend you choose it over its little brother. In our opinion, the dual-core version simply isn't worth it any more. The situation is even more dire for the E6850, which costs as much as the Q6600, making it an even tougher sell.

64-bit OSes are the way forward but I think they still have compatibilty issues with some hardware/software (incl games). On the plus side, some fortunate 64-bit OS users have very few to no problems, & things are always improving. In addition, a 64-bit OS will recognise/address 4Gb RAM or above, while a 32-bit one will only 'see' around 3 - 3.5Gb.

You're going to get some conflicting advice of what to go for CPU/OS wise, so in the end it's who you want to believe & what you want to do.

May I suggest also posting this in a dedicated PC forum like ]Hexus (see lower down for the appropriate subforums), or similar. You'll need to register first if not already a member.

All the best with whatever you eventually decide on :thumbsup:

If you might wish too play older games go 32bit for better compatibilty especially on the driver side, but for new games only get the 64bit, tho same applies for most software i would imagine
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