32in 1080p LCD TV ideas

Found 30th May 2010
looking for a TV for my room and I think a 32" is just the right size. Currently got a 17" widescreen multimedia monitor. PS3/xBox/cable box will be used. So ideally at least 3 HDMI sockets. budget max is £400.

Had a look at richersounds, sainsburys (get 10% off from there due to family) and hughesdirect ( tribe.hughesdirect.co.uk/ ) as I get discount from them too. Still don't know which TV to get though.

any help appreciated. Thanks.
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I have this one and love it!!


I use it for xbox 360, Laptop connection (through hdmi) Sky (standard def).

Also check out John Lewis. All their TV's come with a 5 year warranty!!
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didn't even know that bravia 3 was out. some good ocntract too. hmmm, would have to get a new graphics card for PC or use VGA. Do you use the internet connectivity alot? does look quite useful.
Yeah it's not. The internet connectivity is rubbish!!

There is no web browser. The only thing you can do is use the built in Sony Widgets or check on news (from sony!!)

The TV itself is amazing, and well worth £400. I paid £535 with a 5 year warranty and really think it is money well spent. The sound quality is also the best I have heard on a flat panel
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