32mb ps2 memory (or another size!??)

    not knowing anything about ps2s apart from the fact its been gathering dust for a few years now and that my son has had a few games for his birthday and now is keen to get a memory card to be able to play or same or whatever (he's 9 and I'm 40 - dont talk technical please!) where is the best place to get a memory card for the least amount of money. We had ordered one from Mx2 for £8.95 for a 32mb but its out of stock and has no delivery date. (He's bought it with birthday money but with no delivery date on the horizon I think I'd better look elsewhere). Do we need a 32mb? where is the cheapest? do i need any specific make or will any old brand do? He uses it prob for max of a couple of hours a week at the moment if that makes any difference and i dont think the games he has are particularly memory intensive but then again I really have not a clue!. Any help appreciated. Many thanks


    Go to game or gamestation get chatting to a member of staff, maybe buy something cheap and then do the 'oo, you need a memory card to play this? damn I only bought my console earlier bla bla and didnt know you needed one' You can then usually get them really cheap


    If your outrageous enough to lie and say you bought a ps2 from one of their branches the other day, do that and they may give you a freebie, otherwise they may sell you one really cheap.

    I got my last memory card for free without purchase because I was nice to the staff lol

    Do you want a Sony one or will any make do?

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    Greg - not a clue!!! dont know what is best - in fact know nothing about ps2s. Its been in the tv cupboard since ex left nearly 5 years ago and i only plugged it in less than a week ago. have had no inclination prior to that - in fact - didnt have the inclination then either - was just worn down by son nagging every 3 minutes!
    up for giving game the sob story tho! They did me a good deal on a couple of second hand game boy games a couple of months back.


    will any make do?

    Sounds like another BBC talent finding show :giggle:
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