Found 24th Jun 2009
Needing a sheet approx 1m x 2m for a project I am doing. Want it as cheap as possible as I also need to source a bike frame, various bits & pieces & welding gear. In college too so I'm not loaded.

Got a quote for £25 & £18 plus VAT for high & low quality respectivly, does it make much difference?

Anyone got any ideas what sort of places might have some lying around or the best places to buy it or is that quite a good price?


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Just different grades,the cheaper more imperfections and knots. if its for external use then make sure its WBP (weather and boil proofed).

Thank goodness for that! I thought this was a thread by Steptoe and Son.

dont buy it from B&Q's etc, go to a wood yard and you will find it at a much better price and as you only want a smallish piece they might have a damaged sheet at reduced price.
Check you local Freeads for the other stuff ot your local amenity tip for the bike stuff.

Do you think giving your location may help, there's a place by me but thats not much use if you are 200 miles away is it?

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I'm up in cumbria, not really looking for specific shops as there isnt much around here. Going down the tip to look for a bike frame tomorrow & may try & pick some wood up there.

WIll avoid the large retailers then, assumed B&Q etc would be more expensive.

Might try & get some scrap wood from the tip as I suppose it doesnt have to be really good quality, as along as it holds its shape & is strong, doesnt have to by ply either thinking about it!
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