£34 trade in value for NFS Shift when matching CEX - Get U2 for £8.99 ! !

    Get U2 for £8.99 when trading in NFS Shift at gamestation. Make sure you print the following off to get them to increase their trade in price from £24 to £34!!…buy


    Common knowledge that gamestation pricematch CEX, plus its not really getting uncharted for £8.99 as you have to outlay for NFS.

    Could gamestation not pricematch someone to get the price down from £44.99?

    Say you paid £40 for need for speed shift recently and then got rid of that here for less and still had to pay for a game which is full price... not much of a deal to be fair. Almost like getting ripped off twice - £34 credit for a very recent game and then charging £45 for uncharted.

    Appreciate the effort (as always) and this sort of thing is good if you wanna get rid of games and don't have much cash but in the end you might as well buy it from the hut for £35... that's more of a bargain.

    If you did wanna do this though, you should try what Starr suggests and try to get them to price match Sainsbury's who are selling it for £37 off the shelf.


    this is £38.99 instore, in Middlesbrough anyway

    It's £34.73 @ TheHut with the £3 off code.
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