£35 off Entry to The Following....

    3 x £10 off adult entry to Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington and Legoland (can only use 1 voucher per full paying adult) and 1 £5 Child voucher..
    Wont use these, so if theyd be of use to anyone, just yell and ill pop them in the post



    Very interested!

    Plan to visit alton Towers later in the year all the way from sunny Scotland.

    Do you know when they are valid till?


    Original Poster

    Hi it looks like theyre valid for Alton Towers till 9.11.2008 and although there are some exclusion dates for the other venues, i cant see any for AT.. I got them in the old el paso/asda promo, so maybe you can find out more info if reqd..
    Im from Scotland too btw

    Whereabouts? - I could pop round ;-)

    Original Poster

    lol-north lanarkshire and dont worry i can afford the stamp


    Will send pm - let me know your paypal account and I'll send you postage cost.

    Original Poster

    Got pm and will post asap.. Thats kind of you to offer but theres really no need

    Your a star.

    May your next lottery ticket come up trumps :-)

    hi i'm well up for one of these if possible to thorpe park? cheers

    Original Poster


    hi i'm well up for one of these if possible to thorpe park? cheers

    Sorry, posted them all to tomb yesterday
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