3.5 or 2.5 in external drive?

Found 23rd Nov 2017
I'm after another external drive to back up my current one, which is a 1tb WD 3.5.
For getting general storage, are the powered 3.5in externals more robust/reliable than the bus powered 2.5's? Or are both sizes similar in that respect and it's a portability choice?
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They're both the same so get whichever is more practical to you, technically the 2.5 inch may be more resilient to minor knocks because 2.5 inch drives are designed for laptops that get moved about but you really don't want to drop or knock either of them. But in terms of holding your data they're identical.
3.5 seem to be cheaper - there is a price for portability.
2.5 is smaller. I do prefer them tbh.
If you don't need much space you can always choose 128gb or 256gb pen drive
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I prefer 2.5 external drives over the 3.5 powered external drives, always had issues with the 3.5 powered ones.

I've got a 3TB 2.5 drive serving up media for the whole house with 17299 hours on it, it's been on constantly for 2 years, so I would say they are pretty reliable, I've got about four in total and never had an issue.
Thanks for the comments, very helpful
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