£350 13' Laptop

    There are a good few threads about cheap laptops but there are few for a about small laptops (not an eee pc size). would apreciate any deals anyone has seen recently or some adivice on spec or where to look.

    12-14' sceen
    2GB ram
    Core 2 Duo 1.5 - 2.0 Mzh
    Vista Home
    I'd be happy for one without a cddvd drive.

    Thanks dealers.


    I have not seen a 12" screen for that price. I have just bought one of these…019 but it's £425. It comes with two 50GB partitions so I have made it dual boot for Vista and XP.

    Acer 2920 as above, 12.1" widescreen with the spec you require, reduced where available to £399ish ....Laptopsdirect had a few left but i've not looked for a few weeks. I picked one up at Comet about a month ago for £399.99. You'll struggle to find any 12-13" laptop new for under £399.


    It will need some patience but you might be able to get a machine like that off the Dell outlet, I picked up a high spec Vostro 1310 for 380 pounds from there.


    It might get rather toasty with such a high-spec processor in it.

    Dell look like they might be bringing out a 12" laptop soon for £300, although it is powered by an Intel Silverthorne Z530 @ 1.6Ghz rather than a core 2 duo.
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