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Found 31st Oct 2007
I've got up to about £60 with which to buy my 83 year old Grandmother a 35mm camera.

Everything seems to be digital these days and we think it will be too complicated for her to learn how to use a digital cam now.

Want to get her a nice camera and easy to use!

Any ideas?

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I'd say that digital is easier to use, actually. To make a comparison of it;


To shoot
Turn on (if it doesn't turn on, put new batteries in)
Point and shoot (all cameras these days have fully automatic modes)
Up to around a thousand shots on a memory card
Turn off

To print
Take camera to Boots
Hand it over at counter
Get photos after a five minute wait
All done

To shoot
Turn on (batteries last a lot longer with film cameras, so film wins on this point)
Point and shoot
Wind to new film
Repeat every 36 shots
Turn off

To print
Take film out of camera
Put in little tub
Take down to somewhere that still develops film (which is getting harder these days)
Wait around for an hour or go back the next day to pick up the photos
Pop camera open to install new film (which can be painfully fiddly)

There's other down-sides to film photography too, like the fact that she'll always have to watch out to make sure she doesn't run out of film, the lack of instant preview, and the rubbish little viewfinders that you can't use if you wear glasses.

You may need a little, ahem, gentle persuasion to get your grandmother to use a digital (I also have an 83 year old grandmother, we find getting her to use a telephone and not fart all the time tricky enough), but get her to give it a try, and she should have no bother.
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