360 20gb Hd

    Does anyone know the best price on one of these? Need to order ASAP, cheapest I have seen is £65 at Amazon


    £65 at
    With quidco, it brings it down to cheaper than amazon. But not that big a difference.

    £59.99 reserve online and collect instore at PCWORLD


    ...and a free england face plate! lol

    If you wait ~2 months for the 120gig to come out they'll fall in price and be real cheap in store or on ebay

    Need to order ASAP

    The words of a person who wants to wait for 2 months?

    wait until the 120GB comes out. then the price should drop.

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    Cheers guys, the PC world deal is a great deal with the free face plate, I'm going to go for that.

    I would wait for the 120GB then see if the price is reduced, but I need one now to be honest.
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