360 Cable, Anyone have one spare?

    I need the cable that plugs into the AV slot on the 360 which allows you to use the HDMI with optical audio.

    I know a lot of people get these in the box but think nothing of them, prime example being the fact my brother threw mine out.

    If anyone has one lying around that they dont use would you be kind enough to pass it on? Ill pay postage and rep.

    Thanks in advance


    got a pic as example?

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    Good luck as these are very expensive to replace.

    Tell ms you never got one

    Never got one with any of my 3 consoles

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    Good luck as these are very expensive to replace.Tell ms you never got one




    Never got one with any of my 3 consoles

    Elite only (well that was case for a long time ) now that hdmi is on lots of 360 and especially the newer 60 gigs they may have changed their mind not sure) I'll still say Elite only.

    I have a spare but cannot sell it as will need it eventually when I plug in my other elite upstairs to replace 20 gig version in my bedroom.

    There is info on internet to show you how to rip apart a cheaper one to do this…Oz4

    ive never seen one

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    Thought they were more common than that..

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    After searching around it looks as though it'll cost circa £30. Poodoo.

    Thanks everyone for the help..

    make you own

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    make you own

    Just reading up on it now, Apparantly the video and/or sound cuts out intermittently :?

    These you can only get with the HDMI cable pack or elite console - these cannot be bought separately and will cost around £30 although amazon were selling the pack for £15 over Christmas. A lot of people buy the HDMI cable separately and do not get the sound quality they believe they would have had due to lacking this cable. You certainly won't get one of these for free and would be lucky to find someone to let go of it cheaper than the £30 cost of the total pack.

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    Just an FYI. Tried the diy fix and wouldnt advise it. The cable itself looks very exposed, it puts a lot of pressure on the hdmi cable and is prone to bending the av socket out of place.

    I've done the diy fix and it works fine - just make sure the HDMI cable you use doesn't have too chunky an end (some are fatter than others) and put a layer of insulating tape round the exposed connector....
    There are some instructions on site below
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