360 Games That Require a HDD

what 360 need a HDD to be played


You posted this yesterday.. Spammed.

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You posted this yesterday.. Spammed.

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Apart from Final Fantasy 11, thats about it.

The rest are optional, personaly any game that spins like crazy *cough* fable 2 *cough* should be installed to the hard drive. tbh I install all games I play regualry to it (can fit about 7 games on my 60gb) I save all my saved games to my portable memory stick (as i have 2 xbox's).

Xbox games dont really need hard drives to play them, however its always best to have at least a 20gig hard drive, to store any DLC u buy, and also any updates you download for the dash / games.

As above, I would recommend if you want to play Fable II, you should run it off the HDD as mine froze every time I tried to play it before I installed to HDD.
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