360 harddrive: copying saves

    I Got a new 360 for Xmas and I wanted to copy (not move) the files onto the new harddrive using a memory card. Although this worked for most of the games, DOA4, PGR4 and Perfect Dark Zero wouldn't, but instead an error message came up saying that the data could not be transfered between storage devices. Can someone please tell me how todo this please without using the migration kit, as that involves moving all of the memory over, deleting it from the previous harddrive, and I want all saves on both consoles or atleast on memory card if possible. I will be soooo thankful for the person who provides a solution and will give them rep


    Cant see any other way of doing what you're asking other than using 3rd party software stated here ]http//ww…are

    Hope this helps. cheers. :thumbsup:

    XSATA would help you here..

    yoju need an xsata kit and a save resigner
    the reason you can't move the save is as they are device locked, to make them work on other memory units you have to change the device id of the save from the device id of the original memory unit to the device id to the desired memory unit. microsoft didnt make this easy but hackers have cracked the save file system to allow it. its quite complicated for standard users however if you can sign up for this websit, which i think is an invitaional website, then you could make a start. [url][/url] however, it will be hard to understand with out the knowledge of save transferring
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