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    That woolies deal has got me thinking, i have a launch 360 that is going along fine and its never had a RROD. But how much do cash convertors/cex/gamestation/game/blockbuster give you for cash?? for a xbox 360 premium with 20gb HDD??

    Thanks, because if its around £140 i might put extra to get a brand new 360. rep will be given.


    According to the cex website, they buy 360s for £0.00 so their profits must be great...

    I'm not sure exactly how much you are going to get for it but it is unlikely to be £140. I would expect more like £100. It would be best to get quotes from a few places and then get a retailer to beat the best quote you get. Gamestation will beat the best offer by £1 (providing it is not their own offer of course) and I believe the others will have similar offers.

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    yeh i saw that and wondered why

    see here…buy

    looks like £54 - if you remove the 20gb hdd

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    £54 is that all

    i'd buy one for £54! sell it to me instead

    It is £54 without the hard drive. You would get another £14 for the hard drive (]link)
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