360 play n charge kit HELP

    So, I have a few of the 360 play n charge kits, but there is something I just dont understand.

    Yes the red charging light comes on when i plug them in the 360, if i turn the 360 off they stay charging but though the 360 is off the fans are still going at the back - weird!. this seemed to shut down when the batteries were charged then the lights went off. (hope it was that and not just the 360 shutting off for any other reason..

    plugging them into the 360 when it is off off, they dont charge,

    Plugging them into an ipod or wall charger which has a usb connection then dont charge.

    Plugging them into a pc / laptop the dont charge unless the pc or laptop is on and detects that they are there.

    So why do they need to be detected in order to charge?

    Using a USB wall charger (of which i have many, including ipod/iphone ones.) should work, but it seems without a pc actually detecting them, they dont charge.

    WTF is that all about>?


    In regards to the 360's behaviour I thought that's what they all do - the 360 goes into low power mode and stays on till the controller is fully charged.

    Guess it's done like that to make sure your using microsoft accessories!

    Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with the 360, it is just chutting down when the battery is fully charged.

    If the 360 isn't on it won't know that the controller has been plugged in and that it needs charging.

    Im guessing this is similar for the pc/laptop. It won't charge if its off as there is no power to charge it. If its on and detected then I guess it just sending power to the USB. If its not detected the pc/laptop has no need to send power to the USB, and also I guess the controler cannot indicate whether it needs to be charged or not.

    Im not sure about the wall charger. Maybe the controller needs to be plugged into thye 360/pc to be able to tell whether it nees charging (driver related?)

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    yeah i get the 360 thing, glad that it shuts down when they are charged, wasnt sure weather it shut down cos it just didnt like it.

    But not charging off a wall charger means that there must be a chip inside the charge cable end that needs a pc's detection in order to pass the 5v to the controller, as wall chargers and such all output the 5v all the time.

    Yep I've been through this myself. The only way I can charge is either in the 360 or connected to a PC & the PC detecting the joypad as a device (so drivers are required), charging by the PC was much longer but this is probably due to the Voltage going through the USB ports, I haven't played about with the different settings/voltages I can get Windows to send.
    I haven't been able to get a generic USB wall charger to charge the joypad.
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