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    Hi can anyone recommend a sound system for the xbox 360 should be max of £60 and can you guide me as to whether i would need a sound card etc??!


    You just need to make sure that the surround sound system you buy has a digital optical input and then can be connected from the XBOX 360 advanced scart/vga adaptor straight into the surround sound amp.

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    ah right cool any recommendations?!

    theres another post about this in this section somewhere.

    cheapest optical system i can find is...

    no idea what kind of quality you should expect though.

    Logitech Z3e - RRP: £54.99 Ebuyer: £36.94…005

    Logitech Z4 - RRP: £69.99 Pixmania: £45…tml

    Logitech Z-2300 - RRP: £119 Pixmania: £80…tml

    Heard good things about all 3 of those. Wouldnt recommend going any cheaper, i have these:…1-1 but they're not any good for anything speech heavy. The work nicely for games like Tony Hawks + Burnout where the games sound is more focused on music (tbh i bought them mainly for music in the first point)

    EDIT: None of these are surround. They're 2.1 but tbh you're unlikely to get a decent set of 5.1+ speakers with digital optical-in for less than £100
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