360 Towel Trick

    I received a 3 red light 360 off a friend who gave me his console cos he was bought a new one and i wanted a play about with it.

    the seal isn't broken, currently trying the towel trick...

    is the warranty extended on 3 red lights ?

    just had that thought whilst typing this?


    the 3 red lights is the only thing in the extended 3 year warrenty phone them up and you should have it back er... in a while

    My son tried the towel thing and it worked for so long but then eventually it went altogether. Also he fixed his fan at the back of it and that worked by keeping it cool. Last week he took it back to tesco as it was within the 12mth warranty and they swaped it for the elite. They have extended the warranty with microsoft to 3 years i think but you have to send it back and be without it for while. Good luck:)

    Hey, yes it is extended to 3 yrs after original purchase!!!

    However, you may have to get your friend to return it since he would be the original buyer of the console - unless you say it was a gift maybe!

    My experience with customer support was good although t took almost 3 weeks to get my console back - but that was during the time when they had issues with the time they could hang on to your console!

    Hope that helps,
    ps whats the towel trick??

    Ay 3 years warranty on red light of death. Towel trick may work as a temporary fix.

    Took 6 weeks to get mine back from Microsoft!!!!

    yes its extended to three years. in fact the extension is only for the 3 red lights issue.


    Hey, yes it is extended to 3 yrs after original purchase!!!ps whats the … Hey, yes it is extended to 3 yrs after original purchase!!!ps whats the towel trick??

    Wrap your xbox in a towel for 20 mins! Checkout youtube, sure theres some vids on there.

    Original Poster

    got it working with towel trick


    got it working with towel trick

    sorry to say this is a extremely short temp fix as it melts it all back into place but only lasts a short while, your bount to get them again

    Original Poster

    rang microsoft and getting it picked up and repaired for free :giggle: (refurbed 360 wahoo)

    good for you, hope they dont keep it too long!!

    I have sent away 2 consoles to date and have received 2 brand new ones back.

    my xbox360's had the ring of death since september, this is the 2nd time iv had this problem. iv got annoyed and got a PS3
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