360 trade in price?

    i think this is the wrong place but does any1 know the trade in price at game/gamestation for the xbox 360 premium? got 1 in june and ive got bored of it so wondering if i risk getting a random amount from ebay or just give into store for over £100(hopefully :p). Thanks

    Also if some1 would want to buy it and is around plymouth i think we could negotiate a price (i have gow halo 3 blade storm and crack down)


    Dont sell it to game or anything like that as they are con artists

    Post on the sale forum a picture and list of what you are selling and your morelikely to make a lot more

    You could sell the hard drive on its own for £35…ell

    Cex will buy the xbox premium for £153 CASH they will also buy the games seperate.

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    unfortunatly cex isnt in plymouth, wish it was as i always hear decent pay prices from them :(.

    Ill try and sell here or freeadds xD
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