37-42" Hd Tv

    Can be Plasma or LCD i guess

    Has to be 37" at least - but dont need anything bigger than 42"

    Would prefer a well known brand - not looking to spend loads, hopefully under £700?


    check my post here >>> ]http//ww…909

    i dnt recommend plasma tvs. but the one tesco is selling is quiet cheap its the 42" lg plasma for 699.99.

    i have the hd ready 42" plasma version of the one in tesco. and it is fantastic. the link there is for a version of same tv but without built in freeview and only 1 hdmi port. Bargain in my eyes.

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    Wow thats a nice tv, is plasma any better than LCD? I heard it "runs out" after a couple of years?

    lifetime of both are pretty much the same, i have worked out, mine should last about 10 years with the amount its on before it gets to half its original brightness.

    as for which is better, thats a tough one. to me, lcd have a kind of dull picture, but they say lcd suits bright daytime viewing, or, if you view mainly in low light conditions, plasma is better.

    i looked at many many lcd's and plasma, and before physically viewing any, ie only looking on internet i was convinced a 32 lcd was what i was after. After trawling through some local stores i realised i would never have been happy with that, and a 42" plasma, the LG one, was the tv for me.

    Couldn't agree with you more Shanecr. For ages I wanted a Plasma, and everyone was saying LCD was better, my friend bought one (expensive one too) - saying it was the balls!! -but I couldn't help thinking, the pic quality was poor!!
    Got myself 37" Panasonic plasma at Xmas - it's phenomenal!! wipes the floor with LCD (it was actually cheaper too)
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