37 inch tv for £600

    finally persuaded my parents to get a new tv.

    looking at around £500 - £600 for a 37 inch

    would like it to have freesat hd built in but not a must (i dont live in a freeview area)

    apart from that you know the rest; full HD, atleast 2 HDMI, USB, etc


    that sonys been down below £500, so i wouldnt just jump in there

    dixons have got it for 550, and there would be some sort of code for 3-5% you could use on it, if i was buying a sony though id go for a 40" panel as ive had a 37" and it suffered from backlight bleeding (dont think sony make there own 37" panels) if i was buying again id go samsung cause they make the nicest looking sets imo and also give great picture quality, the 550 series is £529 on dixons, its been down near £400 before though…554

    good site reevoo, got it at beyond televison for 438 apparently, no freesat though but its what i would get if was buying a 37" today…-di

    Posted on here a few days ago. Quality TV.

    If the link doesn't work, search freesat on here.

    shame its such an ugo…031

    Comes with 5 Year warranty (to make you feel less guilty if it goes chest up after 18 months).

    Some Amazon user reviews here:…1-2

    Reevoo reviews:…500

    P.S. Dont forget quidco - Good for about £25.

    If they are happy to go to a 40" then this one fits the bill perfectly with HD Freeview & £1 within budget (before Quidco). Also comes with 5 year warranty.…ony


    Original Poster

    thanks all, i will pitch all the tvs to my dad tonight see which one he wants

    i'll try and get him to buy ]this tv but i dont think my mum will allow it as ive already got her up from 32 to 37 inch

    This might be more expensive but it has freesat built in and is 46inch…1-6

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