37" (or bigger) Widescreen LCD or Plasma TV for £600 or under

    My mum wants to replace her old CRT TV (Old style 29") for a Flat screen TV of 37" or bigger (I know, 37" is probably more realistic). It will be used for viewing SD Sky, and used with a dvd player.

    Basically she wants a flatscreen TV that is under £600 that can handle SD good (as near as CRT as possible for price) and could also possibly deal with a res of up to 720p. She doesnt have any plans on getting sky hd or blue ray. Really she just wants a nice sized replacement for the CRT.

    What would be better for the SD viewing, plasma or LCD?

    Any help / sugestions appreciated


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    do you know if its any good with SD ? or where I could find out ?

    Thanks for the pointer

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    did a search, but of the ones that I have found, generally I cant really find out if they do descent SD or not. even putting some of there models numbers into avforums donr generally give me a lot of info on some of the tvs.

    is there any where I can get reviews for sd quality of the tvs.

    Is there a 37" TV for upto £600 that anybody knows handles SD good?
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