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    hi... wondering if any one could please help me... am moving house and have a gorgeous new tv unit, one of those that has units surrounding the whole tv... however my 20" screen just looks so wrong in a space created for a roughly 37" size!!! as the tv we already have will b moving to the games room, all the new one would be needed for would be sky tv, dvd's etc... just general usage really as we aren't big gamers or film finatics as such.... where can i find the cheapest 37" (or maybe 32") tv??? thank you so!!!!


    You don't really find that many 37" LCD TVs anymore and the reason for this is that when LCD panels are produced they come in large sheets and are then cut down to smaller sizes. There is just too much waste when 37" ones are produced that is why you see lots of 32 and 40 inch ones as standard sizes.
    I recently bought a Toshida 37" from [url][/url] and it is awesome. They are £400 (I haggled them down to £370) and the 5 year extended warantee is only £40 so a real bargain. I'm sure there are cheaper ones out there but I think this is a great product and a pretty good price.…05B

    does it have to be high definition? i have a 36" Sony CRT. brilliant quality for a CRT. i believe it was the flagship sony tv at the time. i know its one of the heaviest tv's sony made!

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    oh that all makes a bit more sense as to why the 37's seem to be a lot less popular!!!

    400 is a bit out of my price range though as i have budget 750(800 inc delivery) for 37" and an american style fridge freezer!!! =( is there any hope!?!?!

    hd is not essential! but looking for a flatscreen with a high viewing angle with freeview.
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