37" TV - Help Needed Please

    Hey all,

    Im currently in the process of moving house, and iv managed to pursuade the missus to let me buy a flat screen tv (my tv atm is a ****** old 32" fat tv).

    Iv decided that i want at least a 37" (can be bigger), but i am new to buying Tvs and would appreciate some assistance if anyone has time

    The TV would be used mainly for watching Sky, but also for playing on my 360 and PS3.

    Do i go for Plasma or LCD? because i really dont know the difference.

    Also im looking to spend 700ish, so if anyone knows any good deals of Tvs around this price, i would be extremely grateful.

    Someone at work said to get the best picture it should have 1080i or 1080p, but again i dont know whats best.

    I dont want to look lazy by just hoping someone will find all the information for me, but iv been looking on websites with tv specs, and it doesnt make any sense to me atall ...

    Cheers for the help,


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    this is currently the best HD tv in your size range, im waiting for the ££ atm to purchase 1

    full 1080p and full 1920 x 1080 resolution which will display the FULL High Definition image... not the ****** 1366 x 768 which most "HD-Ready" **** tvs do which distorts the 1080p display

    honestly you wont get a nicer tv for the money, pictures sharps as a knife and the spec is 2nd to none... its a top spec tv so will last years, hope this helps buddy

    definately worth the extra 50 quid, and its free delivery p.s save 1 for me!!
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