3D Blu Ray player to buy?

    I have just ordered a new Samsung 3D TV so want a Blu ray player for it, possibly with 5.1?
    Any suggestions, or may it be worth getting a PS3, however I have always been an Xbox man



    as a ps3 owner i'd say get a ps3! LOL

    it does everything you'd want & more. theres been a few people at work who went for cheaper bluray players & they've had problems with discs not working. this being because there's never any firmware updates for them. this wont ever be a problem with the ps3!

    you'll also be able to use it as a freeview recorder (with play tv for about £30), stream media from around the house, catch up on tv with bbc iplayer, itv player & 4OD & you could also rent movies

    Yeah get a PS3.

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    Any good deals on the PS3 at the moment?

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    Also can you get sound systems for PS3s?


    Also can you get sound systems for PS3s?

    Same as for any bluray player. You can get a surround amp from about £100 and speakers for about the same, or go wild and spend a fortune.
    Have a look at richer sounds to see what they've got on offer.
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