3D Footy in Manchester

    I don't know if this has already been posted, but for any Mancunians wanting to watch the match in 3D i've heard it's being shown here

    In Manchester
    Binary Bar (Castlefield)
    O'Sheas (Princess Street)

    City of Manchester stadium (eastlands)
    - transit


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    cheers Transit


    cheers Transit

    No problem


    i thought it was very funny .. and the Op fell for the gag

    At Binary? Really? I would have thought that's a bit small. Then again it is out of the way so perhaps a good place to test it. Might have a jaunt over there later on. Cheers.

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    i thought it was very funny .. and the Op fell for the gag

    :x it's a better venue than Old Trafford so why not ??? :-D

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    the porter;7707147

    Don't take him on :whistling:

    Bring it on !!!!!!

    I've just had a trip down to Binary Bar and they are NOT showing the game in 3D.

    At least there is a big sign on the front door stating that they there is an incorrect rumour on the internet that they are, and when I spoke to the barman in there he confirmed that they were not showing it in 3D. Whether or not they would deny it in order to prevent overcrowding (it really is a very small place) I'm not sure. Might pop back down just before 4pm to double check.
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