3D on normal tv ..Does it work ??

    Has anyone tried to watch any films with 3d on their normal tv..
    My girls loved the 3d shows in florida disney and we thought that we might get some films for our 48"
    But dont want to get their hopes up and waste my money if they don't work
    Any advice appreciated..


    had varying results-thought "fly me to the moon" looked good and daughter thinks the hannah montana 3d is excellent-journey to the centre of the earth was a letdown tho-thought the 3d effect was hopeless.

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    thanks i was looking at the shrek one as its the cheapest then the journey to centre of earth but i will cross that one off my list.
    Didnt know about hannah so will look for that :thumbsup:

    short answer - yes........funily enough I'm just learning 3D animation, including stereoscopic production - real 3D, where you have to wear the glasses (as I'm currently doing in my office, long story)

    but yes there is no special screen required to view it in 3D as its all part of the production and rendering (from an animation pov - and I'm assuming its the same for real film production)
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