3D on TV (Double + flashes)


    Recently picked up a samsung 3DTV which came with three pairs of glasses and Shrek 1,2,3 and Monsters Vs Aliens.

    I've watched all four, and I find the 3D brilliant, adds an extra new dimension to watching movies.

    I had a couple of questions (if this is normal it won't bother me much at all) but just encase something is wrong....

    In the movies, there was some bits where you could see someone as a bit double image. Also thoughout the movies the screen seemed to flash around 6-8x per film like the 3D turned off for just a second and turned back on. This happens at the same time for everyone watching so I don't think its the glasses.

    Is this normal, or something wrong with the TV or bluray/3d player?


    I have this double image problem just me though I put it down to me wearing glasses I still have not tried it wth my contacts on though. What TV is yours?

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    The TV we bought is ''PS50C680G''. If anyone else knows if this should be happening that would be great. Also about the flashes like the 3D turns off and on for about a second throughout the movie
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    The double image is probably ghosting, where one eye sees what the other eye was supposed to see, maybe glasses out of sync with the picture?

    Not sure about the turning off bit, probably the same, are the glasses able to see the ir tramsmitter and nothing in the way etc?

    If it is called ghosting then yeh I have read about samsungs suffering from this problem so it is common. apparently they have fixed it on the new 8000 series 3D TVs but they cost a bomb.
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